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Josh Leone is the author of the Calling Tower Saga and winner of the 2004 Hope in Print Award for his short essay, Crash Course in Community.  When not writing, reading or making something, Josh is an amateur researcher of all things paranormally weird and scientifically fringe.  In addition to being a writer, Josh is also a proud autistic and advocate for the rights and recognition of adults living on the spectrum.

Born in central NY state, Josh spent most of his childhood not fitting in.  As a result, he lived a great deal of his time in his own imagination building worlds and creating characters that made sense to him.  In 2015, Josh decided to let the rest of humanity into his worlds by writing his first novel, Calling Tower, which was released in March 2016.

As a proud autistic Josh does not hide his autism, he celebrates it.  Josh’s writing is more than just a career; it is a living expression of his connection to the world around him.  Writing is therapy and bridge, challenge and passion.  Writing is Josh’s declaration of intent to show that autism does not means limits, but rather the removal of limitation, the ability to grow beyond expectations of normalcy.  By challenging the odds against becoming a career author, Josh hopes to show that it is possible to change the world to fit an autistic sensibility, as opposed to having to change himself to fit into the neuro-typical world.

Josh currently lives with his loving wife, Suzanne, and their four cats, Silkie, Velvet, Ru and Gus, all perpetual furry toddlers with a frightening amount of brainpower and a knack for getting into trouble.  The former they get from Suzanne.  But the latter is all Josh.


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